Free Horse Racing Software

Winning at horse racing is difficult, there are many variables that you must consider before picking a winning horse.  In addition to the handicapping data, you must also be able to determine if a horse is a good bet based on his odds.  Understanding what “Value” is when betting on horses is just as important as being able to pick the most likely winner.

In order to help you evaluate all of the handicapping data you, it is imperative that you use horse racing software.  The big winners are using it, and if you are not you are at a huge disadvantage.

If you are new to horse racing, the first thing you need to learn is that you are playing against the other handicappers.  You are not playing against the racetrack.  When you win a race you are winning money from another player who bet on the same race as you, and when you lose you are giving your money to a winning player.  The race track is just handling the money and making sure the winners get paid the correct amount.  For doing this they take a very large chunk of the total amount bet.  The total amount bet on a race is called the “handle”, and the amount the race track takes is called the “takeout”.  Takeout varies from state to state and by wager type, but in general the race track takeout is about 20%.  Those that have made winning bets on the race are paid out of the remaining 80% of the handle.

When you realize that you are playing against other people, you better figure out fast that if they are better informed than you are you are going to end up losing more often than you win.

To get better informed you need to do more than look at the racing program.  You need to start using software that can crunch all of the data points about the horse race and help you make an informed decision about which horse to bet on.

Horse racing software is able to compile all of the available data and make decisions about which horses will have an advantage in a particular race based on how they compare to the other horses in the race. The artificial intelligence built into some horse racing software is quite sophisticated and can see things quickly that may take a human hours to figure out. Take a look at thehorse racing software video to see the features.


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